Friday, 31 August 2012

Microsoft releases sexy Bing app for iPad

It's still a bit odd seeing Microsoft deliver apps for Apple's mobile platform. And it's even stranger still to see one as sexy as the new Bing app for iPad, which brings a slick, immersive search experience to Apple's tablet.

Just as a regular search on will, the Bing app for iPad tailors the results it displays based on what you're searching for. There are loads of custom views, covering everything from movies and maps to weather and shopping. The app also offers a heads-up display of currently trending searches, complete with related images, which is an iPad-exclusive feature.

Navigation is a breeze thanks to multitouch controls, allowing users to flick or swipe through results. And while the development team refers to the app as "touch and decide," Bing Voice Search is also built in -- making it easy to start a query without using the iPad's on-screen keyboard.

The Bing app for iPad is available for download now from the App Store.

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Intel opens up about its 'Knights Corner' supercomputer co-processor

Intel opens up about its Knights Corner supercomputer offering

HotChips is the show where chip makers come to show off their latest slices of silicon, and Knights Corner architect George Chrysos spilled the beans on Santa Clara's Xeon Phi co-processor. The unit's designed to bolt onto Xeon chips to help supercomputers crunch the numbers faster, by handling the "highly parallel" grunt work necessary for genetic and climate modeling, among other things. Chrysos has lofty goals for the hardware, hoping that it'll contribute to "scientific and technical progress," while we're just excited to see if it can help the company reclaim its Top 500 crown from IBM.

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iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit for iPad review [Giveaway]

What's your favorite road-trip movie? Enter to win an iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit by telling us in the comments below!

The iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit allows you to secure your iPad to the seat of your vehicle to keep your little pests -- i’m mean, your sweet innocent children! -- entertained on those long drives to the grandparents house, whether it's across town, or across country.

Thanks to an adjustable, extensible holder, the iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit easily fits the iPad, and might even be able to scale down to fit smaller tablets depending on their exact dimensions when and if they launch...

iGrip made the Headrest Tablet Kit to be easy to position in virtually any vehicle. It's got a number of hinges and an adjustable grip. However, the iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit is made mainly of plastic and, while it feels sturdy enough, based on my experience with similar plastics, I worry it may be too brittle to withstand the wear and tear of extended use. Especially from children.

Once attached, the iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit works well. Thanks to integrated rubber foam pads, the iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit can lock down snuggly and securely without damaging your iPad, and hold your iPad in place even over the bumps and potholes that plague our roads, especially in colder climates and less competent roadwork departments. If you've tightened all the hinges accordingly, there's not even much sway or vibration.

Because of it's open grip design, all the buttons and ports remain easily accessible on your iPad. Depending on their age and how far back the front seats are, passengers in the back can reach the Home button and touch screen interface to choose what they want to watch, and control volume and playback as well. If you have an AC adapter in the back, the Dock port can be plugged in to keep your iPad charged while you're driving, and the kids are watching. And if you're not a fan of the same shows they like, the 3.5mm headset jack can just as easily be used with headsets. Two or three kids in the back? No problem, just pick up a splitter cable and hook up multiple headsets.

The good

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to position
  • Hold iPad securely

The bad

  • Plastic isn't typically the longest-lasting material

The conclusion

Overall, the iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit is easy to install, easy to use, and does just what you need it to do -- keep backseat passengers entertained while you're on the road. But here's the thing -- I’m not a fan of keeping my kids entertained through zombifying videos. I think the value of being together and enjoying a journey together is far, far more important. Singing, puzzling, talking, and otherwise being together without the typical distractions of our modern, digital lives is something that we enjoy as a family.

However, there are times, especially on long trips, where a little bit of video goes a long way to keeping the kids happy, and giving the drivers and other up front passengers a little peace and quiet on the road.

$39.95 - Buy now

Give away

Leave a single comment below telling us what your favorite road-trip movie is to watch, and you'll be entered to win an iGrip Headrest Tablet Kit of your very own! Giveaway ends Sunday, September 2, at 11:59pm PDT. Good luck!

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Apple’s iBook App is Brilliant

By far one of the best features of Apple’s iPad is it’s ability to access thousands of apps. It does have a great multi-orientation interface too but the fact that these apps have been designed for the iPad only means there is very little chance of finding them on any other device other than the iPhone and iPod Touch.   The applications cover a wide range of categories from entertainment to business with games, education and sports in between. Apple [...]

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China Govt Officials Sex Scandal in Animation

A political sex scandal is brewing in China recently, and the photos associated with it may just be the cheesiest in the history of online scandals. More than 100 photos of three men and two women having sex went viral on China's social network. The sex scandal allegedly involved Chinese Communist Party high-ranking officials. Taiwan Next Media Animation has created a humorous CGI-animated coverage of the recent news story. More info and video about the sex scandal after the jump.


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Who Is This Fake Meizu MX Going to Fool?

After seeing the fake Xiaomi Phone, I was pretty much prepared to see a knockoff of Meizu MX. Well, this is it, a lame Chinese knockoff phone that looks similar to the Meizu MX in appearance, only a bit smaller. Two more photos after the jump.


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Watch: Lenovo Set to Seize PC Crown Soon

The market share of leading PC vendors is watched closely, as the personal computer (PC) is an iconic technological product. HP has held the top spot since 2007. With the fall of Dell and Acer, Lenovo took over second place in 2011. Lenovo is looking to become number 1 in the global PC market, say analysts, and in doing so will become the first major Chinese brand to grab the top spot globally in the tech sector ...


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Regularly review - how to tackle fuzzy task management

Regularly for Android is a fresh take on the usual task management app. Instead of setting hard deadlines, Regularly is an attempt to organize tasks that simply have to be done within a certain window on a recurring basis. Users can set the interval for reminders throughout the task’s period, and tasks that are approaching or past due are appropriately color-coded and bubble up to the top for increased visibility.

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

webOS 3.0 beta now available to developers

hp touchpad webos 3.0
With the webOS 3.0 SDK available for almost two months, HP has now given developers access to a beta download of webOS 3.0 -- which powers the upcoming TouchPad and will likely ride along on HP desktops and laptops in the form of an emulator.

Right now, the webOS 3.0 beta is only available to Early Access developers. The crew at PreCentral states that HP appears to have eased up on access restrictions, however, so hopefully more devs will get on board and those of you who are planning to buy a TouchPad in the next couple months will have plenty of slick webOS 3.0 apps to install on your new tablet.

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CyberPowerPC intros Zeus-M Ultrabook series, prices start at $679

CyberPowerPC intros ZeusM Ultrabook series, prices start at $679

There's something going on in Berlin that's left us with an array of upcoming laptops to look forward to, but believe it or not, there are still others looking for the spotlight in the portable department. And, well, such is the case with CyberPowerPC and its recently unveiled Zeus-M Ultrabook series. For starters, the 14.1-inch (1366 x 768) M unit alone starts off at a mere $679, which will get you a third-gen Core i5-3317U CPU paired with decent HD 4000 graphics, USB 3.0, a 60GB SSD and 4GB of RAM -- or, there's an option to make it 8GB for only 20 more bucks. Meanwhile, the pricier, better-specced M2 is $799 and boasts the same Intel processor as its M brethren, but does come standard with 16GB of RAM and a 120GB solid-state drive. Both M Ultrabooks are available now, with CyberPowerPC saying they'll be ready to ship within 5 to 10 business days.

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Vodafone shows off a pair of Lenovo-made Smart Tabs, we go hands-on (video)


Hey, check this pair of tablets from Lenovo that were hanging out in the Vodafone booth here at IFA. The slates are actually branded with the carrier's name as the Vodafone Smart Tab II, the successor to Smart Tabs created last year by handset maker ZTE. The Smart Tab II has quite a nice build quality, and from the front it has a display that looks to match the level we've come to expect from the likes of Samsung. The rear, meanwhile, is covered with circular indentations, like a golf ball, with a large Vodafone logo at its center and small gray Levono one along its bottom.

The Smart Tab II comes in both a 7- and 10-inch varieties, which do a pretty good job covering the mainstream tablet spectrum. We reached out to Lenovo to ask whether they might be a rebranding of existing devices, and hear that they apparently have yet to go on sale. We're hoping to see them here in the US at some point, particularly in the case of the Smart Tab II 7-inch, which adds functionality compared to certain other seven inchers, offering up a rear facing camera -- although it's only two-megapixels in this case.

And while the build quality is quite solid on both, the 10 feels a lot thinner and sleeker in-hand. The larger tablet has 16GB of storage a 1.5GHz dual-core and is running Ice Cream Sandwich. The seven inch tablet is also running Android 4.0 and has 4GB of memory built in, priced at $190. Both devices have built-in GPS. Check out a video of them after the break.

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Buzz Contacts 2.0 for iPhone review

Buzz Contacts by savvy apps has received a major update that makes the already awesome contacts app even more awesome. Some of the features include integration with Agenda Calendar, themes, the ability to share contact info, and a new and improved Dialer. Buzz Contacts is essentially a replacement for Apple's built-in Phone app -- and an awesome replacement it is!

One of big changes to Buzz Contacts is to bring the focus back to the Dialer. Now before you roll your eyes and exclaim that dialers are way too "old school" for you, let me assure you that Buzz's Dialer is anything by old school --it's highly functional and efficient. The first difference you notice about Buzz's Dialer versus, say, Apple's keypad is that it emphasizes the letters associated with each button instead of the numbers. That's because you can use the Dialer to type in the name of contacts. Actually, you can type in names, initials, or phone numbers and Buzz will instantly show all types of matches as you type. It's awesome. Seriously.

In addition to the Dialer, Buzz Contacts also lets you create groups of contacts. For each contact, you specifically choose which method of communication you wish to use: voice call, text message, email, or FaceTime. You can view your groups as a list or as 2x2 grids. The groups are awesome for quickly interacting with contacts you frequently communicate with. Between groups and the dialer, Buzz is worth the measly $0.99, but there's more.

There is a somewhat hidden feature of Buzz Contacts called the contact detail view. At any screen that displays contacts in a grid or a list with arrows beside each contact (groups and Dialer), you can double-tap the contact (or tap the arrow) to make a special menu appear. From here you can choose a type of communication to engage with the contact from the bottom toolbar, view contact information, add the contact to a group, or send contact info via email or text or schedule a meeting with Agenda Calendar (also made by savvy apps) or Due. This integration with Agenda and Due is a great convenience if you use either of those apps.

New to Buzz 2.0 are subtle themes that give the app personality. These themes are simply a change to the color of the tool bar. You can change the theme by swiping left or right on the title bar, or you can view all the colors at once in Buzz's settings to choose your favorite. I really like the swiping feature because it allows me to frequently change the theme for variety. My only complaint about the themes is that out of the 14 available colors, none of them are pink!

The good

  • Awesomely efficient Dialer
  • 14 different themes (colors)
  • Schedule in Agenda or Due via the contact detail view
  • Send contact info via message or email via the contact detail view
  • Swipe into and out of Dialer -"Frequent" and "Outgiong" groups
  • Send SMS and MMS messages to groups

The bad

  • No pink theme :P

The conclusion

Buzz Contacts 2.0 is a remarkable phone app for the iPhone. I tossed Calendar aside a long time ago in favor of savvy apps' Agenda Calendar, and now Apple's Phone app has been kicked to curb for Buzz Contacts. My only complaint is that I must still use the built-in Phone app to check voicemail -- a restriction of Apple that is beyond savvy apps' control.

$0.99 - Download Now

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