Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Add playback hotkeys to Amazon Cloud Player with a Chrome extension

Sure, Amazon's Cloud Player works -- as long as you're in the U.S. or willing to do some tinkering -- but it's fairly simplistic at the moment. There are plenty of features missing which we'd like to see added -- but since Cloud Player is a Web app we don't have to wait for Amazon!

Google Chrome users, for example, can add playback hotkeys with an extension called keyMazony. Once installed, you'll have keyboard control of your Amazon Cloud Player queue. keyMazony commands will work as long as you're in the same Chrome window as Cloud Player, even if its tab doesn't have focus. The key combinations are customizable as well -- just make sure you don't set up a combo that conflicts with another extension or Chrome's built-in keyboard shortcuts.

Add playback hotkeys to Amazon Cloud Player with a Chrome extension originally appeared on Download Squad on Thu, 31 Mar 2011 11:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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From the Forums: What's your favorite HTC One video highlight theme?

And be sure to show us your favorite highlight while you're there

HTC's new video highlights are pretty awesome. Highlights are those 30 second videos created from your pictures and Zoes, and are perfect for sharing on YouTube or your favorite social network. Currently, there are six themes you can choose from for your highlight, and they run the gamut from subtle black and white to popping fresh flashy cuts. They are all fun to try and play with.

But if you're like us, you find yourself choosing one more often that the others. For me, that would be "Islandia" -- the happy music gets me every time, even if the old Super 8 style scratchy overlay isn't my favorite. 

We hope HTC has more themes in the works, or an API third party developers can use to create their own. in the meantime, jump into the forums and let us know your favorites.

[POLL] What's your favorite Video Highlight theme?


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Apple’s iBook App is Brilliant

By far one of the best features of Apple’s iPad is it’s ability to access thousands of apps. It does have a great multi-orientation interface too but the fact that these apps have been designed for the iPad only means there is very little chance of finding them on any other device other than the iPhone and iPod Touch.   The applications cover a wide range of categories from entertainment to business with games, education and sports in between. Apple [...]

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Angry Birds Friends coming to Android this Thursday

Android Central

The popular web-based social version of Angry Birds is flying onto mobile

Rovio has just announced today via its official @AngryBirds Twitter account that the extremely popular "Angry Birds Friends" version of the franchise will be coming to both Android and iOS this Thursday. This falls in line nicely with some rumblings we heard in early April of the game coming to mobile, and on May 2nd it's finally happening. The "Friends" version of the game is currently a web-only Facebook title, where instead of going solo you can join up with friends (naturally) and hold tournaments to compete together.

We're a little sparse on information of pricing and how cross-platform it will be, but there's only a few days of waiting before we see it pop up in the Play Store. 

Source: Rovio (Twitter)


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Google Search for iOS gets Google Now! All the great features of Android... locked in one little app

Google Search updated with weather, traffic, and sports information

Google Search has just been updated and the big news is, it now includes Google Now! Yes, the card-style informational service, which includes traffic and weather updates, as well as information about sports teams and breaking news. That means iPhone and iPad owners get a taste of the same features Android users having been enjoying in Jelly Bean for almost a year.

Voice remains one of the core elements of Google Search, and works with the new Google Now features so, when Google isn't already serving up what you want, you can simply ask for it. For example, the traffic condition update can give you information on how long your commute will be before you leave for the day.

Unlike stock Android, where Google Now is a core service, on iOS it's locked inside the Google Search app, which limits its scope and convenience. Lack of Push Notification support makes that worse than it might otherwise be.

And, of course, you have to be willing to log into your Google account and give them access to location and other forms of data. That's the price of the virtual assistant. It knows all about you. If you don't want that, you don't get that.

Thanks Eric for the tip!


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The Chinese Babes At Shanghai Auto Show Are Certainly Not Family-Oriented (Video)


The 15th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition is being held at Shanghai this week. In China, auto shows are always the right places to see sexy hot chicks prancing around. The event will always labeled as "a boobs exhibition with many famous cars." Last year, we had seen the almost naked boobs ran wild at Chengdu auto show. The Chinese have already learned about the importance of selling metal with flesh. Beijing authorities said that the revealing clothing of some models at automotive exhibition has had a "negative social impact," the "vulgar publicity" has been criticized by officers. Well, this kind of publicity stunt is still happening over at Shanghai auto show. Despite the dress codes have upgraded to look more elegant, some babes are still wearing deep cut top to capture attention with their huge boobs. The call for a more family-oriented posture show is unlikely to be achieved in China ...


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Amazing Skyscrapers Photos in Hong Kong


A French graphic artist has beautifully captured the geometrical patterns of Hong Kong's booming skyscraper city in his photo collection "Vertical Horizon." Immersing into the city's thick atmospheres, he used his Nikon DSLR camera to showcase Hong Kong's vibrancy, giving us a surprising perspectives and glimpses of his architectural visions. A few more amazing photo after the jump. Honestly, it's not so pleasant to live in the relentlessly growing city. Hong Kong people are coping by living in smaller spaces ...


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Must See HDTV (April 29th - May 5th)

Must See HDTV April 29th  May 5th

This week the NHL joins the NBA in celebrating its postseason, with plenty of games on the schedule for each. There are a number of premieres and finales this week, as well as the debut of individual seasons of Friends on Blu-ray. Look below for the highlights this week, followed after the break by our weekly listing of what to look out for in TV, Blu-ray and videogames.

Star Trek: TNG S3 / The Best of Both Worlds
The third season of Star Trek The Next Generation comes home this week remastered in HD, and it should be a good for fans. If you can't live with its cliffhanger ending until the fourth season arrives, The Best of Both Worlds Part 1 & 2 are also being released, edited together as a single episode. either way you get it, judging by the first two seasons, the adjustments should be well-received.
($59.99 and $14.99 on Amazon)

The Americans
FX's cold war spy drama closes out its first season this week. While it hasn't grabbed the mindshare of other popular cable series yet, the quality of the writing and acting is still there.
(May 1st, FX, 10PM)

Parks & Recreation
It appears that NBC's best remaining comedy will be renewed after this season, so this week's season finale will represent only the start of a vacation for the residents of Pawnee, IN. The Office finally getting yanked from the stage, 30 Rock calling it a series recently and Community... well. Let's just hope we have more PnR to look forward to this fall.
(May 2nd, NBC, 9:30PM)

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Monday, 29 April 2013

Tips And Tricks For Your iPad

Apple have designed the iPad to be easy to use, in fact even a two year old can use this device without any problems whatsoever. This makes it a very attractive option for people who are used to using an iPhone or for those who are not. However, there are still a few things about the device that do need a little bit of explaining. Soft Reset Explained: Although the iPad is pretty robust in so far as there are [...]

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Rovio's Angry Birds Friends slingshots onto iOS on May 2

It's tough to imagine a mobile life without Angry Birds in it anymore. Does that mean we're done with them, though? Rovio clearly doesn't think so, and has announced that the latest in the series of Angry Birds games will be coming to iOS on May 2.

Angry Birds Friends is the mobile version of the Facebook version of Angry Birds. As you might imagine, being a Facebook game, there's a sizeable social element to proceedings. And, it's been as successful as anything else Rovio has turned their hands to. So, if you're ready for some more, keep your eyes on the App Store on May 2.

Source: Rovio (Twitter)


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Microsoft releases sexy Bing app for iPad

It's still a bit odd seeing Microsoft deliver apps for Apple's mobile platform. And it's even stranger still to see one as sexy as the new Bing app for iPad, which brings a slick, immersive search experience to Apple's tablet.

Just as a regular search on bing.com will, the Bing app for iPad tailors the results it displays based on what you're searching for. There are loads of custom views, covering everything from movies and maps to weather and shopping. The app also offers a heads-up display of currently trending searches, complete with related images, which is an iPad-exclusive feature.

Navigation is a breeze thanks to multitouch controls, allowing users to flick or swipe through results. And while the development team refers to the app as "touch and decide," Bing Voice Search is also built in -- making it easy to start a query without using the iPad's on-screen keyboard.

The Bing app for iPad is available for download now from the App Store.

Microsoft releases sexy Bing app for iPad originally appeared on Download Squad on Thu, 07 Apr 2011 16:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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