Saturday, 4 May 2013

Chinese Flight Attendants Will Soon Dress in Maid Costume


Spring Airlines, a Shanghai-based budget airline, has taken unique measures to draw passengers, now requiring its flight attendants to serve passengers dressed as butlers and maids. Influenced by Japanese anime and the popularity of its female characters, it has become increasingly common to see young women dressed as maids to hand out flyers for various promotion in Southease Asia. Spring Airlines hopes to cash in on the craze and believes the move will appeal to a greater number of young people. Some Chinese netizens have objected the idea, saying the airline should improve its level of service, rather than resort to a gimmick. Many also said the maid theme does not fit in with traditional Chinese culture — a suggestion that contains more than a hint of anti-Japanese nationalism. Meanwhile, EVA Air, Taiwan's second-largest carrier, undertook a similar measure last year by launching Hello Kitty-themed planes to increase its appeal to female passengers in particular. The Japan maid costume often has sexual connotations, we just hope it won't create any perverted situations on Chinese flight.

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