Monday, 6 May 2013

Pentagon Rely Chinese Satellite to Carry Data


U.S. lawmaker is questioning the Pentagon's decision to use a Chinese commercial satellite to provide communications for its Africa Command. Use of China's satellite was leased because it provided “unique bandwidth and geographic requirements” for “wider geographic coverage.” The satellite's services were leased under a one-year, $10.6 million contract through a U.S. company. American politicians and policy-makers expressed its concern that too much American data are passing through Chinese electronics — and that those electronics could be sieves for Beijing's intelligence services. Pentagon insists that any data passed through the Chinese satellite is protected from any potential eavesdropping by Beijing. The satellite uplinks and downlinks are encrypted. But researcher said even if the data is encrypted, the coded traffic could be used to give Chinese cryptanalysts valuable clues about how the American military obfuscates its information ...


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