Thursday, 16 May 2013

Watch: How Chinese Dance Teacher Humiliates and Beats Up Her Students

A video showing a Beijing dance instructor physically and verbally abusing her students in a studio went viral on Chinese social media. The video has been played 1.83 million times since it was uploaded just 4 days ago, according to Youku. The woman can be heard shouting at her class of female students, who appear to be aged 13 to 15 years old. The clip shows she was striking students with a cane, kicking them and slapping and shoving their heads. Chinese netizens slammed the teacher as “crazy”, “immoral” and “unworthy of being a teacher.” Previously, we have seen how an unqualified Chinese teachers abused kindergarten kids, by holding up a child by his ears. Sometimes, the characteristic of the Chinese can be freaking sick, thanks to Chairman Mao and his Cultural Revolution. Communism may be part of the reason for this kind of immorality in Chinese society.

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