Sunday, 12 May 2013

WTF: Chinese Woman Poops in Glass Elevator in Shenzhen Subway (Video)


A video clip titled "Woman poops in elevator in Shenzhen subway" has gone viral on Chinese social media. The 42-second long video recorded showed people were walking about outside the glass elevator when the Chinese woman in her forties pulled off her pants, squatted down, and pooped in seconds. While a man, likely her husband, was on guard. The couple left the elevator later, leaving a pile of shit behind. Shenzhen subway administration confirmed the incident and criticized such uncivilized behavior of passengers. The video has drawn tens of thousands of comments. Although many of the comments are criticizing the couple, there are also pointing finger at the shabby subway design for not providing any toilet for the passengers in millions per day. Previously, we have also seen kids poops in Guangzhou subway carriage. Looks like taking a shit in public is an important part of Chinese culture ...


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